Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2007 Race Results Are Now Online (UPDATED)

Bangor Dept. of Parks & Recreation released the 2007 Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race results the other day.

I have archived the results on my website here.

In addition, you may download the results in both MS Excel and PDF formats. (Special thanks to Jeff Houser for his help and technical expertise!)

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At Friday, May 18, 2007 at 1:31:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eight course records broken – first place was a 2-man canoe – not a kayak.
That is 38% of the field – the highest number I’ve ever seen over 18 years.
Within each class, lowest DNF rate was zero (in a class of only two) to 61%.
That carnage rate record of 61% belongs to the C2 Mixed Beginner Class, with 11 of 18 entries dropping out.
Definitely the “WRECK” class.
But runners up had 18 of 32 and 16 of 34 DNF
The water wiped them out; the river gods’ appetite was sated.
I figure DUMP rate is about 3X the DNF rate, so this means OVER 100% dump rate this year in extremely challenging water.
Mike S and I talked with some entries that dumped FOUR times between 6MF and the end, and we saw folks ‘finish’ by floating under the finish line in the water holding onto their boats, so this ‘multi-dump output’ by many persistent entries really punched up the dump rate!!!
Anyone who finished this year, wet or dry (or ‘multi-wet’!) deserves a big hand.
Heck, anyone who got back IN after one dump to try again, but pulled out after the second or third dump, deserves a hand, too.  (Smarter than those folks who thought the last dump was their last…)
Ready for NEXT YEAR?!


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